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Today I decided to add further to the duck’s fun as they once again appeared to be getting bored within the confines of their brooder.  (it was a rainy day out so guess who else was a bit bored?  Um, yea, there is a distinct correlation between me being stuck inside and perception of the duck’s ‘boredom’ levels.  Funny that…)  So, a duck treat dispensing toy was made!  My dogs love the things (in appropriate dog size of course) for getting their kibble out (and I’m not ashamed to say, yes there are times when “OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS ARE MAKING ME NUTS!  Here go bash this toy around the house for an hour to earn your dinner out of it”) and the ducks seemed to enjoy their new toy as well.  Peas!  Oh my gosh, PEAS!!  They said.  These critters make me laugh, ALL THE TIME!