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This week has been a build up of transportation frustrations.  Lack of public transit options, lack of driver’s license, living in suburbia can often be frustrating.  Currently I have a string of partially completed projects, that in order to finish require trips to a couple of stores to gain supplies.  I would love to be able to finish these projects sooner rather than later, but they will have to wait until I can coordinate transportation.

I have this recurring fantasy, where there would be this law that every 3 years, a person with their driver’s license had to go without it for 6 months.  Say there would be a dispensation for very very rural sparsely populated areas so for the law to be in effect there had to be a minimum number of people per square mile or something.  Again this I realize is a fantasy.  This fantasy, in my make believe world, would accomplish a few valuable things.

1.  Increase public transportation options.  Since there would always be some level of folks legally unable to drive, but as opposed to now, that number would be much higher, cities and towns and governments would be motivated to increase both budgets and quality of public transportation so that their citizens could continue to get to work, school, shopping, etc.

2.  Increase empathy for pedestrians.  In my dream, instead of being a weekly occurrence, nearly being run down, beeped at, or ignored by motorists while crossing the street would be a rarity.  Those with the privilege of driving would remember what it was like to be without a license and the speed and independence that comes with it, so would be more likely to stop as the existing law dictates.  And walking on streets without sidewalks would be safer, as drivers would be more conscious and aware (since who knows in a couple of months when their 6month pedestrian time arrived, they might be that person walking on the side of the road) or better yet again seeing #1 above, governments would be more likely to ensure sidewalks were on all streets, instead of just the main ones.

3.  Increase interconnections of communities.  Public transportation tends to do that.  Lack of driver’s license and car tends to do that.  We all become more interdependent and communicate more when to get to point A one can’t just grab their keys, and hop in their own personal vehicle without needing anyone else to get to point A.

But as I said, this is just a fantasy.  So in the mean time, Tommy Good Dog, my always go to mode of locomotion.  And a huge part of why I haven’t yet been hit by distracted driver when doing something as seemingly simple as crossing the street.  5 years together and counting.  For a nearly 7 year old dog, he hasn’t slowed a bit.  Love this dog!