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I like facts.  I like logic.  And reason.  And scientifically proven.  And I like things to make sense.

So the concept of, “Dogs do what works.”  Makes sense.  That dogs have an approx cognitive age to 2 year old humans.  Makes sense.  That dogs have a hierarchy of needs and will seek to fill their primary needs first.  Makes sense.

And then I have a crap chronic illness flare up that lasts a while and it feels like my dogs throw all those bits to hell.  And I want to be like, “No, no, what are you doing?!  You’re not supposed to be willing to set aside your needs and put mine first!  You’re not supposed to be like, ‘hey, whatever, mum you’re sick, sure our daily routine can be entirely upended, no problem.'”

And yet they do it every time.  Even worse (for my factual little brain) they demand that the routine change.  Both of them will be like, “Hell no, you crazy human we are going back inside now and you are going to go take a break.”  “No, I refuse to run around the yard, I refuse to leave your feet, I will attempt to herd you back into the house you crazy human!”  “No, I will not go get that toy so you can throw it, I will sit on you and tell you to pet me instead.”  They don’t ask to go out, they don’t ask to be fed, they don’t ask to go for a walk, or to play.  All of which are the direct opposite of their response when I’m feeling more up to snuff.

Sometimes I know I have the best dogs in the world.  What did I do to get so lucky?

Where and how my dogs choose to spend their days when my days are on the couch:  Next to me, sleeping, on or next to the couch too.