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Today my project of the day was furthering the duck safety-ness of our new garden area.  I still have some elements of it to complete (1), but that area is now about 95% done.  Thankfully.  The idea is to have a few duck safe areas on our property that they can spend time in during the day when I’m home.  This area off the garden while not predator proof enough to leave them in overnight, is predator (2) discouraging enough that I hope they can safely enjoy it during the day foraging and playing in their pool. (3)

So without further ado, I present Ducks in the Garden

Also they are so cute when they are begging for peas.  I always hear that line from Oliver Twist play in my head when they do this, “Please sir, I want some more.”


Quack!  Chompers says, “Feed me or else!”

  1.  That my lovely tall-person husband will hopefully assist with since even me on a  ladder will not be tall enough to attach netting to our roof.
  2. Mainly hawks, the occasional neighborhood cat and the fact that any lost dog in a mile radius has a tendency to end up at my door.  We do have coyotes and fisher cats in the area, but their overnight pen is hopefully safe enough to protect against those risks.
  3. Which, ugh, I am currently having a heck of a time finding.  I mean I could invest in a pond liner or a stock tank, but my hope is to find those summer standard kiddie wading pools that are only $5.  Apparently mid-May is still too early in the season for them to be widely sold around here.  Hurry up various stores, the duckies are getting impatient!