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The other day I had one of my fairly routine acupuncture appointments with the clinician I’ve been seeing now going on 4 or so years.  Which is important as it means she has at least some recognition and hopefully understanding of the seasonal patterns my life and functioning levels seem to revolve in.  I mentioned how I can’t wait until the trees all get their leaves, as then my sensory system will finally be able to chill out to a more tolerable level once more.  She paused, looked a little puzzled then clarity and responded, “That is an interesting perspective.”

Yup Life with SPD (1) aka Life of Interesting Perspectives.

Like the time I happened to be video taping for a project shots in a hardware store and then in grocery store.  My mum happened to see the clips when I was processing and went, “OH!  I finally get it!”  She never understood why I could function fairly well in a hardware store like Home Depot but have such difficulties in the grocery store.  It took compared video for her to finally get it.

Grocery store: lower ceilings, brighter more concentrated lighting often fluorescent, often very glaring off of linoleum or tiled floors, louder background music, humming of various freezers and fridges, densely packed shelves of data of various colors, shapes, smells, sizes.  Rating: To Be Avoided as Much As Possible. (2)

Hardware Store (Home Depot or Lowes): tall warehouse ceilings, softer lighting, if there is music at all it is played at those higher ceiling heights and so softer and less sound bouncing, less visual glare as concrete grey floors that reflect less, wider spaced shelves.  Rating:  Totally Worth it to Fuel My House Projects Habit.

To go back to my pining for the trees to finally leaf out, the leaves help to dampen various sounds that increase in the spring.  And help to filter the increasing daylight, glare and brightness that comes with spring and summer.

So come on Spring. Let’s get some leaves on those trees!

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The Blooming Dogwood


  1.  Sensory Processing Disorder or Sensory Processing Dysfunction.
  2.  My husband actually says he likes grocery shopping.  I love him for this.  He even does this thing where he enjoys going to multiple stores to complete the items on the list (3) based on who has the best prices at that time.  This boggles my mind.  I am grateful.  And the idea that I feasibly never have to set foot in another grocery store as long as I’m married to him is delightful.
  3. Yes of course there is a list.  I’m a list person.  Writing the list, having it all in one orderly place then the satisfaction of crossing each completed task off.   Awesome.  I am so a list person.  And I love Post-It Notes.  And those free pads of paper various groups send you as an incentive or something when they want you to donate money to them.  I have them stockpiled in various easy to access right when you need them places in the house.  My grandmother even saves them to give to me.  I have a great gram.