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I swear I could watch these guys all day.  I love that we got ducks.  They are just such fun and I smile every time I think about them. (and of course every time I spend time with them too).

They’re now 9wks old and recently started having ‘conversations’ among themselves.  And it is hilarious.

Case in point, last night after putting them in their night pen, I picked them up one by one.  For our life, it’s important that they be at least tolerant of being picked up and handled for things like wing clipping and as needed husbandry care, so we practice ‘calm birds get put down.’  But it really is just something they tolerate, not actually like.

So last night, when I was done, they had a conference.


Chattering ducks, “Can you believe that?!”

“Can you believe that?!  She picked me up!!”

“Me too!”

“What?!  And me!”

“Horrible!  What audacity!”

“I think she missed you!”

“What?!  You didn’t get picked up!?”

“YES! YES! I did too!”

Quack quack quack quack, “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!  WE GOT PICKED UP!”

oh wait, “PEAS!!!!!!”

“Ok human, we are appeased, but don’t think we forgot, you picked us up!”

With me standing there cracking up laughing.  It was so funny.  Their mannerisms and chattering about how insulting it was that I picked them up.  But for peas, ok well they’ve let me back into their good graces.

Thank goodness.


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