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My in-laws are up visiting from out of town and last night they wanted to treat us to dinner.  So we all hopped in the car and headed off to the local all you can eat sushi place.  Which we’ve all been to before.

So I thought the staff had been trained.

Oh silly me.

We walk in.  To “Is that a service dog?”

“Yes.  He’s a guide dog.”

“He service dog?”


“So, can’t leave in…”

Interrupted instantly before she could add ‘the car’ by both myself and my mother in-law, “No.”

“He service dog?”

for god freaking sakes, “YES!!”  We’ve been here before.  You’ve never cared before.  And regardless, it’s the law.

Then the kicker as she is seating us, she goes out of her way to announce to the tables around us, “That’s a service dog!”


Tom says, “Don’t they know I have a job to do?”

Yea, nobody cares.  He’s clearly trained.  He’s clearly working.  He clearly has a job to do.  He’s clearly not just a pet.  And even if you dropped a piece of sushi on his head he wouldn’t eat it!  And despite your concerns that other patrons would be off put, had you not announced it, I’d hazard to say 80% of them wouldn’t have even noticed.  I’ve lost count over the years just how many times we get up to leave a restaurant to hear people say, “He was there the whole time?!  I had no idea!”  For that matter, I’ve sat next to people on airplanes for entire flights without them realizing my guide dog was snoozing under the seat until we finally stand up to disembark.

Would you announce to other patrons if I was in a wheelchair or had crutches, “She has a wheelchair!”  No.  Because it’s rude.  And unnecessary.  And an invasion of privacy.  And NOBODY CARES!!