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Lately the dogs have been ever grateful that I am a morning person.  Granted by 10am I am an exhausted semi-zombie, but between the hours of 6-10am we roll.  Which is perfect since it means we can be outside, the dogs get a walk and good yard play time before the heat and humidity become completely unbearable and oppressive.

Most of my walking friends are also morning people, and those who aren’t have become them for their dogs.  Which makes me smile every time I think about it.  Changing their behavior and patterns to better meet their dog’s needs.  Yay!

So, a bit of video from a fun fetch and play time with friends on the 4th.  A great way to celebrate the holiday if you ask me!

Also, I adore this little shih tzu.  Ted is like a little german shepherd trapped in a shih tzu body.  It’s awesome!  He’s super incredibly smart and he loves to go-go-go.  He fetches better than a lot of the labradors I know!

photo 1ed

“Throw it, Throw it, THROW IT!!!”  Love the intensity this little guy has!