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I’d never heard of Arlo Guthrie until one time on yet another long car ride to an agility trial many many many years ago my friend Ben started singing the Motorcycle Song.  And now of course I see, hear or think of pickles and that twanging, “I don’t want a pickle!  I just want to ride on my motor cy…..cle!” starts humming.

This afternoon was pickle making time.  Over the past couple of weeks we’ve accumulated quite a pile of pickling cukes from the CSA we belong to and last summer a friend of mine, Chris, shared with me her over night pickle recipe.  Which is DELICIOUS!  And so easy to make.  And amazingly enough doesn’t end in me with a headache.  Which makes these pickles even more fantastic.  Since migraines suck.  And way too many foods trigger them for me.  Including every other pickle I have ever eaten.  Which again makes Chris’ pickles the most fantastic amazing ever.  Ever!

So if you like pickles, and want a very simple, pretty fool proof, and fast recipe, I’d encourage you to give these a try.


5 jars of Pickles cooling on the counter.  PICKLES!!  Yum!

Chris’ Amazing Overnight Pickles

Cut 3-4 big pickling cukes into sixths or eighths or slices and stuff them into a one-quart jar.

Stuff 1 small bunch of fresh dill into the middle of the cucumber spears in the jar.

Then boil in a large sauce pot for five minutes:

1 cup water

1 cup distilled white vinegar

1 teaspoon white peppercorns

1 teaspoon back peppercorns

1 minced clove garlic.

Pour liquid over slices or spears, making sure to get all the peppercorns and garlic bits into the jar even it not all the liquid will fit.  Fill the jar to the very top with the liquid.  Screw on the jar lid tightly and wait for the jar to come to room temperature.Then refrigerate it for 24 hours before the pickles are ready to eat.  They keep in the fridge for about 30 days.

I would recommend being sure to have your kitchen window open and fan running before you begin heating the ingredients.  That is unless you find the smell of vinegar boiling to be enjoyable.

I’m looking forward to enjoying pickles tomorrow night!  Yay!  Pickles!