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Can I tell you just how much Tom disliked our sedan?

So much so that if I asked him to “Find the car” in a parking lot, or better yet when we walked out of the house, he would pretend he had no idea what I was talking about and walk right past it.

He does that with no other car we have ever ridden in.  Tom is excellent at “Find the car” with any other car.  If we were driven somewhere in a car, he will then find that specific car.  Even if it’s the first time he has ever been in that vehicle.

He disliked our sedan so much that one time when we were leaving the grocery store and I asked him to “Find the car” he found my mother’s car.  My mother’s car.  I had no idea my mother’s car was even in the parking lot.  I had no idea my mother was anywhere near the grocery store.  Tom walked right past our sedan, took me to the far end of the parking lot where apparently he had scented my mother’s car was parked.

That’s how much Tom really really really didn’t like our sedan.  I have no idea why he disliked it so much.  Nothing bad had happened to him in it to my knowledge.  I usually gave him a good treat when he found it and then hopped in.  We went lots of fun places in it.  And he generally likes riding in other cars.  But for whatever reason our sedan was Tom’s least favorite car.

Well, Tom is now a much much much happier dog.  We no longer have the sedan.  We bought a new to us car.  And Tom is over the moon thrilled.

We picked up the car today and then took it to run some errands.  Every single time I asked Tom to “Find the car” his happy dog prancing tail wagging self came out and he immediately Found The Car!  The car that he had only once been in before when we test drove it days earlier.  He had never once been this happy to find the sedan.

photo 1

Tom sitting beside me in front of our new car looking up at me

Yes Tom, we bought you a new car.  I’m thrilled you approve.  Life is so much simpler with a happy guide dog.