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October 1st is apparently National Black Dog Day.  These kinds of things crack me up.  I mean around here every day is black dog day at present.  Between Tom and Zora, my wardrobe choices ensure black dog hair will blend.  Actually my primary concern with wardrobe choices is durability, comfort, and texture.  Just happens that most clothing articles that meet those criteria, also tend to hide dog hair.


this little graphic for National Black Dog day reminded me of Tom.  Complete with the crown on the dog’s head.

It’s been a rainy Saturday around here.  In and out wearing dogs out, as we’ve a couple of visitors for the weekend.  My house reeks of wet dog.  And loads of dog towels in the wash.  But they do love going out in the rain, chasing each other and the ball around.  Splashing in puddles.  And generally mucking about.

Truth be told as much as the rain makes my body ache and sensory system shift into over drive, seeing how much fun the dogs have entices me out time and time again.  My body hurts anyway, my sensory system is so fickle anything can tip the scales, so what the heck.  Out we go once more.