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I always know if I sleep through my husband’s morning alarm it’s going to be a Crap Body Day.  Just like I know if I’m awake at 4am it’s going to be a Crap Body Day.

Today I slept through all 3 of my husband’s morning alarms (he’s a big fan of the snooze button).  It has indeed been a Crap Body Day.

So I managed to get myself out of bed and body working enough to take the dogs for a walk (which is a good sign as means it’s only a Crap Body Day.  Shit Body Days are those where I can’t even get out for a walk), let the ducks out to forage, and throw some cookie dough I had prepped last night in the oven, so that the remainder of the day could be spent practicing the skill of snuggling in bed, mindlessly staring out the wall, eating some delicious gingerbread cookies, zoning out and watching the occasional TV program.

That’s a skill, right?

Zora thinks she should be awarded a masters degree in it.


Zora lying on the bed resting her head on my pillow as I pet her

Tom definitely has his chill in bed Ph.D. by now.


Tom resting his head on the bed covered in blankets wanting to be petted

I still have a lot to learn from my dogs.  Thankfully they are patient teachers.