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As it’s now Sunday and now definitely feeling like winter around here, I thought it would be a perfectly good time to start some indoor fitness exercises.  I came across the Toto Fit 6 Week Challenge and thought to myself “Hmm, this might be a great winter program for the dogs and I to begin.”  I have accumulated a couple of balance disks and physio balls over the years, and use them often for myself with exercises I’ve been given in PT.  I’ve found exercises like these are good both mental and physical exercise for the dog (assuming dog is physical able and vet oks such), which when it’s freezing freezing cold out having indoor exercises to well exercise the dogs are a blessing.  I generally find myself teaching the dogs some indoor fitness type program in the winter.  Last year I taught them how to use a tread mill.  Based on how excited the dogs were when they saw me bring the balls and balance boards down to the cellar training room, I think it’s pretty safe to say they enjoy these winter programs.

The Week 1 Challenge exercises are all done on the ground.  And the week 1 video that the powers that be at Toto Fit post gives a nice demo of the skills to practice.

Here is part of the video of our morning practice from today.  It was interesting to realize I’ve never really taught the dogs to stand or stand stay on cue.  Also apparently forgot to teach Zora how to back up on cue. It was comical to start:

Tom week 1 Toto Fit Challenge Exercises

Zora week 1 Toto Fit Challenge Exercises

We  plan to practice these exercises a little bit each day.  And hopefully progress through the challenges over the next six weeks.