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This weekend was a busy one.  As a result today is another day of R&R or Rest & Recuperation.  We’ll practice our Toto Fit Week 1 Challenge work as that is very low physical stress and low movement for me, and this morning I took the dogs out to play in the snow, meaning I stand leaning against the house as Zora self entertains joyfully pushing her ball in the snow (so glad she finds that fun and exhausting!), and Tom stands next to me asking me, “Why again are we out here?”, but it’s not even 9am and I know the remainder of today, and likely tomorrow, has to be quiet, slow, not much if I want the rest of the week to happen.  Thankfully a good friend who is coming by to visit is one who likes to come over and just chill, so a day on the couch works for her too.

On Saturday in addition to our skill a day training practice, we went with my extended family to the Slater Park Winter Wonderland.  It was great fun, but of course takes energy.  Tom was a gentleman, especially when we walked into the carousel area and found the floor literally covered in dropped bits of popcorn.  He didn’t try to scrounge for any even once.  What a good boy.  I don’t do well after dark for a number of reasons, and Tom was careful as ever allowing us all to have a safe, low stress, enjoyable time.  My 3yr old niece loves how fast Tom and I walk.  She nearly flies as she holds my hand walking with us.


Tom in is harness and winter coat lying at my feet ignoring the popcorn all around him

Sunday, I reminded myself why I no longer teach lessons full or even part time anymore.  I taught 2 back to back lessons.  Then attended a 2 hour webinar on the computer.  Sure enough, I was a zombie the rest of the day after.  Snuggled on the couch with the dogs.  Zora was cold so she wrapped up in a blanket.  Super super adorably cute!


Zora sleeping in a mass of blankets

Weekends like this, especially days like Sunday, remind me how grateful I am that I don’t have to work myself to death in order for us to survive.  Many people in this country and world don’t have that luxury.  I didn’t have that luxury for years, as my health told the tale.  After Sunday’s lessons and the subsequent exhaustion zombie mode all I could think of was how grateful I was that this wasn’t my daily life anymore.