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I’m one of the many people who finds the holiday season stressful.  At this point in my life, it’s not due to realities that play out currently, but due to past experiences and that dread of anticipating those will once more become reality.  Yea, that’s vague for you.

Anyway, my default this time of year is usually to shut down.  Or fixate on something like baking endless number of cookies to give out to people who likely don’t really care.  But it gives me something to do that feels more productive than hibernating and stressing.  I think that’s likely one of the reasons for this Skill A Day month.  Give my anxiety an outlet that benefits my relationship with my dogs.

But yesterday, Day 18, was a shut down day.  And the dog’s entertainment was really playing hide and seek with my husband.  And getting petted or sleeping on me.  While I watched a large number of reruns of the NH PBS program ‘Window to the Wild‘ which I enjoyed very much and highly recommend.  The host was awesome.  Made me laugh endlessly.  So very New England.

Today woke up a bad pain day, but the dogs got their walk regardless.  Where I slipped and fell on black ice.  After which Tom was incredibly careful guiding.  I usually slip and fall on black ice 1-2x at the start of the winter season and for the remainder of winter Tom remembers that black ice while it might look like nothing is something to be treated as an obstacle.  And he does.  But I usually fall a couple of times before he remembers that.  Same as how in springtime when branches are lower now full with leaves right at my height, I end up smacked in the head once or twice before he remembers that branches overhead are once again obstacles.  Today was fall #1.  My ice packs and heating pad and I will now be fast friends for the remainder of today.

I’m going back to hibernating.  Tomorrow is another day to try again.