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Lately I often find myself the lone person grieving over our loss of winter at present.  Same last year.  The year before, the lone person jumping for joy at every extra foot of snow dumped on us that lovely season of storms.

My body craves, no it needs, requires, the sound dampening benefits of deep snow in winter.  It needs the stable dry weather for weeks on end.  It requires the break from the daily onslaught of modern noisy bright life that it must cope with every other day of the year.

This mild, warm, cold, warm, humid, rainy month of January is sending my sensory and pain systems off the deep end.  The sound and light bouncing everywhere, the glare, the pressure shifts, the lack of weather stability.

The leaves fall off the trees and sound begins to bounce.  Assaulting my central nervous system.  Usually the layer of snow on the ground makes this a non issue, it absorbs so much of that bouncing sound.  Usually the freezing temperatures make me bundle up in endless layers of sound dampening clothing, scarves and hats over my ears, fleece all over, which deadens the sounds.

Not so this season so far.

Instead I’m experiencing the full brunt of life with sensory processing disorder and yet another fibro flare.  With an overwhelmed nervous system and all the fun that brings.  There is much I can and do control to aid in SPD management, the weather is one critical influence I cannot.  In desperation I’m full in research mode on how to better sound proof my home.  To find a way to create a sensory sanctuary within these walls once more.  Hopefully my research will lead to some relief.

In the meantime, I do my little snow dance.  And hope each morning when I wake we’ll be blanketed in silence.


Zora rolling in the blissful snow a few years ago.  We all long for snows return the dogs and I.