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Just wanna be Alllll By Myself!

That’s Tom’s favorite song.  If he was an only dog he would be thrilled.  For 6 months after Niche passed and pre-Zora he was an only dog.  I’d never seen him so happy.  Seriously.  He does love  Zora (sometimes begrudgingly, but truth be told he runs to her crate every single time we get home wanting me to hurry up and let her out.  I think he likes that she is so happy to see him too) but he would totally be cool if he was the only dog.  So today he got some time Alll to himself.  With his humans.  A walk to town and back.

Look at that Tommy tail wag.  Happy guide dog.

The video is really for Tom’s veterinary chiropractor to help figure out what was going on with his rear leg which he was having a bit of trouble with in the deep snow, which has now since melted as you see me walking in the 70+’ weather in a t-shirt in FEBRUARY.  Tom is really over angulated in the rear and rather cow hocked so I have this constant fear in the back of my mind that he’s going to blow his knee out one of these days.  The dog can walk to kingdom come and back, but watching him run around in the yard is an exercise in sheer terror.  She’s already had a chance to review the video, thinks she knows what the problem was and we get to see her in person on Thursday.  She’s reassured me after watching the video the likelihood that it’s his knees is slim to none.  Yay!  Relief!

A bunch of people I know or know of who got their guide dogs around the same time Tom and I were matched are already either in the process of or considering retiring their dogs.  Many due to their dog’s slowing down.  My first guide dog had to be retired suddenly at age 7 when he developed bone cancer.  Tom turned 7 this fall.  I know that likely my worry about his knees is a projection and fear of having to retire him at some point.  So far he’s showing no signs of slowing down or wanting in any way to retire.  Our walk to town and back is a little over 3 miles round trip.  For an entire hour after we got back home, Tom was bugging me because he wanted to walk more.  I swear he gets faster the longer we walk.  Maybe it’s more that he simply maintains his pace and I slow down the longer we walk.  Most likely that.  But in any case, him slowing down doesn’t seem to be a present concern.  Thankfully.  Gratefully.  Fingers crossed Tom stays happy and healthy to be my guide dog for many more years to come.