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It’s a lovely day for some Pie!  What better way to celebrate a snow storming Pi Day than with Lemon Meringue?  None that I can think of.  Isn’t math awesome?!


Freshly baked lemon meringue pie

And what better way to celebrate a snow storm than out with the dogs? Also none that I can think of!

Zora would like me to hurry up and throw the ball as Tom tries his best dalmatian impression.  Zora loves the snow.  Tom tolerates it.  Usually he stands there turning white following me around the yard looking pitiful.  He enjoys our snow woods walks slightly more, that is until his feet get cold.  Tom has high tolerances for most things, except cold feet.  He hates cold feet.  Can’t say I blame him.  And good luck asking him to walk when they’ve salted the sidewalks, it’s just not worth it.  Tom’s favorite thing about snow days?  Getting toweled dry once we come back inside.  He demands it.


Zora sitting pretty with Tom standing covered in snow behind her

He’d make a pretty cute dalmatian, right?


Tom’s face close up covered in white snow flakes

And the throwing of the balls. Wally the doodle is super fluffy and very cute. He seems to like my Holee Roller! Zora says she’s sticking with her Jolly Ball, thank you very much.

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Wally is visiting with us while his mum is on holiday.  We’re working on his ability to resist grabbing the corgi when she’s running to me.  He needs a lot of practice with that.  Yesterday we made good progress with it, him coming to me running beside Zora instead of fixating on her trying to grab her scruff.  This morning he forgot what we practice yesterday, and needed help to make good choices.  He has though figured out that my dogs won’t chase him when he has the toy (which he laments, he really really wants someone to chase him when he has the toy).  Instead Zora just lies watching him patiently waiting until he gets bored or distracted and drops it.  Then she swoops in, grabbing the prize.  Tom could really care less about what Wally does as long as it doesn’t involve bothering him.  Nuff said.

Not to be left out, the ducks are glad it’s not quite so cold out anymore.  They don’t mind the snow as much as when it goes below freezing.  As it did here a number of days this past week.  This morning they were thrilled I brought them a head of lettuce to enjoy.  Happy Duckies!  Then again their eggs did make my delicious Pi Day celebration possible.  Thank you Ducks!


4 of the ducks standing in the straw