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For years every summer a portion of our front yard turned to brown crud. Once upon a time there was an ever green of sorts there. After it was removed, brown crud. Where the tree used to be nothing wanted to grow, in front of that the sun beats to grass to brown fried, and to the right is an uphill making it near impossible to mow. So brown crud.

Until this year!

Now it looks like this:

Photo of a flower meadow with mostly greens and dots of colored flowers

Amazing, right?!

I love our new flower meadow. So low maintenance. Looks lovely, I’ve lost count the number of compliments we’ve gotten on it. Even hubby who usually doesn’t care for such things is enjoying how new flowers and changing colors happen almost daily. He will exclaim About the new purple one, or that blue one or hey now there is mostly yellow. It does seem to change from week to week.

Last fall I did a lot of research on what could be done to that area of the yard and came across information on making a wild flower meadow. I ordered some seed mixes from American Meadows and stored them in a cabinet in our cellar all winter. Early this spring we rented a rototiller for a couple of hours and cleared out the grass and weeds. Waited two weeks, weeding as things grew. Then spread the seed and watered until the plants were about four inches tall. We had great luck with the rainy spring as meant I didn’t have to hand water every day.

The seed mixes we got contained plants that attract pollinators such as bees and butterfly’s, native to New England plants and a mix of both annuals and perennials. I love it. And can’t recommend it enough to others wanting to try it in their yard.