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Tom has select few toys he enjoys.  He likes his various Wubbas, he occasionally plays with his Holee Roller, and he likes his Nylabones.

Tom finds playing with his toys in the ways he likes rather challenging since the arrival of The Pest 3 years ago.


The Pest.  Tom enjoys his morning nylabone chew until the arrival of The Pest

Yet he still makes attempts.  And I do what I can to redirect, interrupt, and otherwise inhibit The Pest from wrecking all of his fun.  Sometimes I fail.


The Pest arrives.  Zora says, “Who me?”  Tom says, “Yes you”  he stops chewing

Recently I got Tom a fresh new nylabone.  A flavorful bacon essence one.  Which he really wants to enjoy to its fullest.  Every morning he tries.  He waits until The Pest is otherwise occupied, he sneaks quietly into the living room, grabs his delicious bacon nylabone out of the toy box, finds a comfy spot on the rug and digs in.

Then The Pest comes into the room.  She acts all sweet and innocent as she sidles up to sit next to him, but she’s The Pest.  Tom drops the bone.  It’s not worth it.  She doesn’t even like nylabones!  The Pest all sweet and innocent says, “Oh, for me?  How nice! Don’t mind if I do.”


The Pest chewing Tom’s nylabone.  She doesn’t even move it off of his foot!

Tom wonders, “What did I do to deserve The Pest in my life?”

He gets up and comes to me to commiserate.  Lots of loving Tommy petting ensues.   The Pest abandons the bone for some other distraction.  The process begins again.

via Daily Prompt: Flavorful