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Last night I had my very first fiddle class!  And it was awesome.  Oh so much fun.  W and I discussed whether I should go or not with the news of yesterday but decided I should.  I’m so glad I did.  It was a great class and a great stress reliever.

I’ve wanted to learn to play fiddle for longer than I can remember.  For those who don’t know I played classical violin for nearly all of my childhood, ages 6-18.  Private lessons, orchestra, chamber group, theory classes, solo recitals, the works.  For many years of my youth my mum and I traveled every Saturday to Boston so I could attend lessons at the New England Conservatory.  I really enjoyed chamber groups, the rest I found a rather stressful bag of activities.  I then took a few year break, and then took lessons for another couple of years during the time I was trying to relearn how to read and do math after a medical procedure had an unexpected adverse side effect of shooting those abilities to shit.  I figured learning to re-read music might aid in that process, it seemed to though I never regained the ease I once had at reading music.  Actually I’m really terrible at it now.


My 107 year old violin now fiddle!

But I’ve always wanted to learn to play fiddle.  Which is different than classical violin.  Like how playing jazz trumpet is different than playing trumpet in a marching band.   So when my town’s community adult education program offered it I jumped at the chance.  Apparently they’ve offered it before but somehow I just realized it.  Anyway suffice to say, I was excited and signed right up.


An instruction sheet I got at class called “The Anatomy of a Fiddle” explaining the differences between violin playing and fiddle playing

Last night was my first class.  And such a good time!  Such a nice group of folks in the class.  They’ve all taken the course before and range from people whole played in earlier years of their life to have only just learned to play through these courses.  One woman’s 6yr old son attends and he’s really really really good!  Everyone was so open and welcoming and learning  from each other.  I enjoyed that immensely.

The instructor seems really nice and very knowledgeable.  Her teenage son was also there, he too is a fiddler.  It was all very relaxed and as she said in fiddling there are many right ways!  Which is a refreshing change from my classical training where there were always many wrong ways.  It’s also great as much of it can be learned by ear (meaning I don’t have to be any good at reading music at all) and following along with someone else then adding your own interpretive bits to what you are playing.  Which I found very cool.

I had a great time.  And can’t wait till next week’s class.