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You know those weekends where you have zero on the calendar and you plan will be nice and quiet?  Yea, well around here I forgot that unless I take said calendar day and circle in in bright red or green marker explicitly marking it as a “Do Nothing Us Day!” it won’t be that nice and quiet do nothing us day type of a weekend.

I didn’t break out the bright red marker.

It was not a quiet weekend, though it was nice.

For one we are now a few stages closer to being able to once more move back into our main bedroom.  A good friend of mine helped me paint it last week (ok they did most of it.  Me on a ladder was not happening, after I tipped it over 3 times I decided it might be best to outsource.).  And this weekend W and I installed the new closet system and curtains.

So far I have many positive things to say about both the Closet Maid wire adjustable closet system from Home Depot and the Ikea track curtain rods.  Both ended up being slightly more expensive than I anticipated, the Closet Maid system because we didn’t purchase one of their pre-made kits but instead as I wanted as versatile and adjustable as possible and all of their pre-made kits had features we didn’t want or need we purchased various DIY parts to make the closet that would best suit us, and the Ikea track rods because as we all know Ikea likes to parcel out every little thing into an individual piece you need to separately purchase.  But they were still the least expensive option for track curtains that weren’t made of plastic.

The Closet Maid system I’m so far very pleased with.  It was easy to install.  I read reviews of a bunch of different brands and types and talked to people who had personally used different ones.  The Home Depot Closet Maid system seemed to get the best reviews, and fit what we were looking for best.  I’d say so far my research was well founded and we made a good choice for us.  I recommend having a stud finder, and a second person to help as with W and I tag teaming it the install went very quickly and smoothly.  Upon installing our cloths in new said closet, I have come to the realization my husband has many pairs of pants, the majority of which I have never known him to actually wear, and I have a lot of fleece.  A lot of fleece.  Which I do wear, all winter long.  Interesting what you notice when your wardrobe is now all in one place instead of spread throughout multiple small closets in the house.


Our reach in closet with the Closet Maid wire system installed.  Curtains frame the closet as doors

Ikea track curtain rods, watch as many videos as you can find about the install and read the instructions before purchase.  That way you don’t have to make a dozen trips back for parts you didn’t know you needed.  I did the research and prior planning and am so glad I did.  The install again went very smoothly.  One thing I will say though is for some odd reason Ikea doesn’t sell the correct screws for these, so you might need to make a second trip to Home Depot for screws if you don’t already have a stockpile of them in your basement.   I hear not everyone has a cabinet full of screws of various types and sizes.  Also the idea you can use a hack saw and their miter box to cut the rods is laughable.  Just use an electric saw with a blade for cutting metal.  Seriously.  Hubby attempted the miter box, hack saw route as Ikea recommended.  It was ridiculous.  I broke out the battery powered jig saw, done in 10 seconds.  A lovely client of mine gave us gorgeous curtains when they learned we were remodeling our bedroom.  They had them in storage and had no use or want for them anymore.  An amazing gift.  And they fit the curtain rods and room perfectly!


The lovely cream curtains with light blue ribbon pattern on the window with the newly painted blue grey walls of the room

Then I went to order the rug we decided on from Wayfair, but it is now out of stock.  Wa-wa.  So the rug decision has been put into limbo for the time being.  At this point I’m of the mind we move back in sans rug and when the right rug finds us then we get a rug once more.

Today I also learned how to install a gas dryer!  Our cloths dryer apparently no longer works.  Friday I was doing the usual Friday laundry and learned the dryer wasn’t working.  It turns on, it says it’s drying yet literally nothing other than it saying it’s drying actually happens.  No spinning.  No heat.  No drying of the cloths.  We haven’t purchased a new one or even gone through the trouble yet of attempting to trouble shoot the existing one, we just set up a make shift cloths line in the basement for now that is working as fine as cloths lines work.

But by sheer happenstance this morning I learned how to install a gas dryer.  I was visiting with a friend and getting a chance to meet his brand new guide dog from The Seeing Eye.  A lovely huge German Shepherd, seriously he let me pet the dog and the dog’s head is wider then my hand with fingers spread, his size makes Tom seem really small, with the most awesome hysterical name.  Which I won’t post here because it’s his dog, but the name is so the opposite of what you’d expect a huge classical black and tan with saddle marked German Shepherd to be named.  Most of us will be singing his name this holiday season as it’s the name of a magical holiday character song in a well known song.  It makes me laugh.  Not just the dog’s type, size and breed with the name but also him being matched with my friend.  A long time military man.  But he says he’s embraced the name, and thinks it’s amusing as well.  As our visit was wrapping up, my friend mentioned he was on his way now to help an elderly neighbor by installing her new gas dryer.  I jumped at the chance and asked him to tell me how that was done.  A how to conversation later, I’m now excited if we do indeed end up replacing our dryer, I now know how to install one!  Very cool.

So it was a busy weekend.  W, Tom and I did a lot and learned a lot.  Zora on the other hand, bored out of her bloody mind.  She thinks the bit of duck herding practice with rather uncooperative ducks we did this afternoon was not enough!!  Thank goodness we’ve a walked planned for tomorrow with friends.  This little corgi dog needs some serious exercise!


Zora my little shadow, sitting on the wood floor of our newly painted bedroom.  She wants something to do right now!