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My neighbor’s tree has been dead for well over a year.  I’ve been asking them when they were going to have it taken down.

The tree is now scheduled for removal.

The even bigger relief is the huge branches of it that had been over our house fell.  And managed to actually miss seriously damaging our home.  By inches.


Our back yard with a huge tree branch fallen through the middle of it

Relief.  Seriously.

As our home is literally built using 2x3s.  Oh the building codes of the 50s.  Our home is one of around 15 homes in our town that in 1950 were mail order homes.  Shipped in pieces and put together like a puzzle.  We have no weight bearing support walls in the house build using 2x3s.  So a tree falls on the house and basically the chance that our home would be deemed structurally unsound and condemned is nearly guaranteed.

So we are very, very relieved.  The major scary risk branches fell yesterday in the high winds.  As the dogs and I were just curling up on the couch around noon, CRASH!!!!  My first thought, “Not the roof, not the roof, not the roof, please not the roof….” as I checked the rooms of the house, then breathed a sigh of relief.  Our fence is made of some super 1950s resilient chain link and with the neighbor’s arm strength was once more (done this before) able to be manhandled back into place.  A couple of my agility jumps are now a pile of toothpicks, but most of my equipment survived.  There is something to be said for dog equipment designed to fail for safety if a dog accidentally hits it, well apparently that works too when a tree hits them!  We only have to fix the gutter, replace a small bit of the siding on the house, and get up on the roof this weekend to throw some lightweight branches off it of it.


Our crushed fence with the tree still on it.

Thank goodness!

Even better was today dawned cool and gorgeous.  We had such a great time in the fields and woods this morning!  The dogs were all being silly, happy and cooperative.  No tennis balls were lost and we had at least 3 balls in action at any given time!  WooHoo!!

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