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I remember when Zora was little I’d say to my husband “what is she doing?” He go check, sure enough she’d be thinking of mischief. He would ask, “How did you know that!?”

The sound of puppy of course

There are distinct sounds that mean all is well

The sound of teeth in nylabones

The sound of teeth on antlers

The sound of teeth on soft toys

The sound of balls being bounced

The sound of dog play

The sound of sleeping

Brown puppy Willy sound asleep on the dog bed surrounded by toys

And sounds that mean not is all well

The sound of teeth on rug

The sound of teeth on chair rungs

The sound of teeth on couch cushions

The sound of teeth on leashes

The sound of teeth on slippers

The sound of pitter patter feet moving the wrong way down the hall

The sound of puppy by the back door

The sound of puppy slithering under the tv stand

The sound of puppy in the closet

The sound of feet on the kitchen cabinets

The sound of adult dog harassment

The sound of silence that is not sleeping puppy

Having Willy here reminds me fondly of the sounds of puppy.

Willy sitting in the toy box