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This morning I went to pick up a boarding dog’s leash that she’d been dropped off with.  And immediately found myself rummaging in the hall closet.   Searching for this.  Snow-Proof Weatherproofing.  Which is a waxy type substance for weather proofing leather.  I always keep a container of it on hand and use it at season change and then usually once again mid-winter on all of my leather gear, dog leashes, Tom’s harness, my leather boots.  I could feel the salt in the dog’s leash, feel the leather cracking, feel the leather demanding to be cared for!


1 near full and 1 empty well used plastic containers of Snow Proof Weather Proofing for leather

So I did.

It’s amazing how quickly I can feel the leather healing as I massage the wax into it.  Feeling soft and smooth, supple once more.

Then said to myself, “What the heck, might as well do my own gear as well.  Screw the pain in my hands.”  See that’s how much caring for my leather gear means to me.  It’s why I have leashes that last through generations of dogs.  Why they are soft and supple.  Why they don’t degrade every winter with our salted roads.  Or every summer with the dogs in the lake and swamp.

Care for your leather gear and it will last you a lifetime.  Or just send your dog to board with me and my inability to ignore the state of your gear will mean there is a high chance it is returned to you in better condition than you left it.  😉


Tom’s leather guide dog harness surrounded by 4 leather leashes, with a corgi off to the side supervising