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Zora found my glove!!

Zora in her yellow vest in the huge field with my friend and her poodle also visible

Ok the start at the beginning

Today we went on our usual Tuesday walk with our friends.

Usually on Tuesdays we go to a different place to walk, but they recently decided to make that place “on leash only” and they made some “improvements” so there have been people there lately. Which we chose our walking spots by the chance we won’t see another living soul. So anyway, no more going there for us.

Instead today we went to another state park. In part because it was cold enough we figured no one else would be there. Otherwise the place can be very crowded, so we only go there on rainy, snowy, or super cold days. We were right. Today it was dead. Because so few people were there, the dogs could be off leash the majority of the walk

So about 2/3 way around the big loop there is a huge huge field the dogs like the run and sniff and chase balls in. We did that and as we were wrapping it up there to continue our walk, I realized “crap, I lost a glove!”

In this huge field. No idea where I’d lost it. Or where it was. Crud crud crud.

Then I thought “Wait! Zora has been doing really well with her scent discrimination practice, it’s a long shot but let’s see…”

“Zora, mine”

And she found my glove!!!!

The skill works in real life!! So super cool!