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This is Rey


A tan reddish and white corgi winking for the camera

Rey can sometimes be a bit of a snot rocket.  Really she can be a bit of a resource guarder if you want to get all technical.  With other dogs.  She’s lovely with people.  Except she likes to guard them.  From other dogs.  And food, and toys, and places to sleep, and door ways, and water dishes, and you get the idea.

Rey has stayed with us a number of times over the past couple of years.  And she really likes Zora.  REALLY likes Zora.

The last time Rey stayed with us, compared to the times previous, though her resource guarding had gotten much worse.  But her owners were receptive to feedback and they worked with her on it a lot.

So this stay she was really appropriate and not guardy for the first 4 days.  Then Monday came.  With non stop torrential rain for 12 hours.  We didn’t go for a walk.  The dogs napped all day.  Rey was still good.

Until Tuesday.  When she regressed to her old ways.  And guarded the water dish.  And some toys.  And the kitchen table.  And the back door.

Tom decided he wasn’t going to come out of the bedroom until she decided to play nice.  And Zora decided she was going to pretend Rey didn’t exist.

Wednesday found Rey a very sad little red corgi.  Neither Tom nor Zora would acknowledge her.  At all.  She was being shunned to the max.

Rey assumed Zora would want to play their usual morning wrestle game.  Nope, Zora wouldn’t even give her the time of day.

Rey assumed Zora would play their usual chase games in the yard.  Nope, Zora walked right past her without a second glance.

Rey was very confused.  Why don’t they like me anymore?

She came over to me with her sad corgi moves.  “Sorry kid, that’s what happens when you don’t share.  No one likes it.”

Cry “They don’t like me anymore?!”  It is very pitiful when a little brown corgi cries.

She tried all manner of things to get Zora to talk to her again.  Appeasement behaviors.  Wiggling.  Play bows.  Invitations to chase.  Nothing worked.  Zora maintained her position that Rey was not to be acknowledged. (Tom still refused to come out of the bedroom unless he knew Rey was behind a gate).

A full day of being ignored by 2 dogs she likes very much and Rey has gotten herself back on track.

This morning Zora decided to give her another chance.  Rey was delighted.  “She LIKES me again!!”  Racing and wrestling ensued.  Then some sharing of toys.  Happy wiggling.  “Zora likes me again!!!” I’m not sure I’ve seen a dog so relieved in a long while.  “She likes me again!!”


Rey a tan reddish and white corgi with a happy panting look having just had a racing wrestling match with her corgi friend Zora

Zora is more forgiving than Tom, Tom is still saying “brown corgi?  What brown corgi?  No brown corgi here.  Stupid corgis.” Though he as at least decided to come out of the bedroom.  Which is progress.  (Tom really does think corgis are devil spawn.  Zora slightly less so than others, thankfully.  He secretly likes Zora though will never admit it if asked.  Rey he puts squarely in the ‘devil spawn’ category.)