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“Your dog, it’s a corgi and…”

“Is that a border collie corgi mix?”

“The queen has those dogs!”

“I’ve never seen a black and white one, are you sure she’s a corgi?”

“A korki?”

And so many more. So to clear up any further confusion, here’s the what for on Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

1. There are 2 breeds of corgi. Both have Welsh in their name. Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Pembrokes are sometimes referred to as PWC or Pems. Cardigans are referred to as CWC or Cardis. Saying “oh my friend has one of those Welsh Corgis” doesn’t help clarify if your friend has a cardi or pem, except by the fact that you are saying it I know you mean your friend has a PWC, because people who understand there are 2 different breeds, know how to clarify correctly.

2. The Queen used to have Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Last I heard, they have all since passed away and the line of queens Corgis is now deceased.

3. Easy way to remember, at least here in the states where docking of tails is still the norm. Pembroke Corgis have no tail, the tail “broke” off (it didn’t really, it was surgically removed at age 3 days old). Cardigan Corgis have a tail, like long sleeve cardigan sweaters.

4. Pembrokes come in a variety of colors, red and white most common. Also sable, and black tri. Cardigans come in even more colors than Pems, in addition to red and white, in Cardis there is black and white with tan points, black and white with brindle points (Zora’s color), blue Merle (with tan or brindle points), and brindle. There is no “brown” corgi. Ok that’s a lie, there is but it’s uncommon and not a showable color last I read the breed standards, and I forget the genetics of it, but comes with a brown nose. I can’t remember if people call it liver or chocolate or brown. There is no Merle color in Pembrokes, only in Cardigans. So a Merle being sold as a Pem, is either a mix breed, or not a Pem.

4. Pembrokes usually have a rather fox type look to them. Their ears are usually set more Fox like and their facial feature angles are rather Fox like. Cardis have softer facial angles and larger rounder ears on average. Their front end assemblies are also very different.

5. Cardigans are larger than Pembrokes. Even Zora who is tiny for a female cardigan is larger than a comparable female Pembroke. For example Zora is 10.75″ at the withers and a very svelte in shape 23#. My friends Pem who was about Zora’s height, at her fittest agility weight was 19#.

6. Both breeds usually have a short dense, fairly water resistant top coat, with thick undercoat. But in either breed, there is a coat type that can occur called “Fluff”. Which is a long feathery often cottony coat type. It’s a cute look, but at least to my knowledge, a bear to take care of and maintain.

7. Both breeds of corgi are herding dogs. They are not terriers. Or dogs of leisure. They are active tough little dogs. Originally Bred long and low to herd Welsh cattle. Short so if a cow kicked, it missed the dog, kicking right over the dog. And as an all purpose farm dog, so though not true terriers, many would make fine vermin hunting dogs. As herding dogs, they are active, enjoy a good chase, controlling, motion sensitive, environmentally aware, and can be barky. They usually need a job. Once mentally and physically satiated, well then they can be quite the dog of leisure

Zora sleeping on a pillow

Zora snoozing on a pillow, the princess that she is.

And there you have it, some base similarities and differences in Corgis, Pembroke and Cardigan. And Zora will have you know, she’s all corgi. Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Not like the Queen’s. She is The Queen. Now where’s her crown?