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Sometimes I forget how nice (and needed) it is to get away from the house until we go. One of my best friends was graduating from Canine Companions for Independence with her very first service dog and invited us to the ceremony, so off we went.

3 days and 2 nights on Long Island was a perfect little get away. Zora had fun staying with one of our walking friends, and Tom was over the moon for the change of scene, getting to work on the ferry, in the hotel and around the places we went. Hubby and I were happy get away from the house leaving work and house responsibilities behind.

Zora lying with her head on a Goose toy at our friend who was sitting her house

Ok, giving Tom a special ice cream treat didn’t hurt his enthusiasm either

Tom in harness sitting in the car ice cream on his chin

I’m so so so happy for my friend, she was matched with an amazing new partner. If you want to watch the graduation ceremony for the CCI northeast region, she was the graduate team speaker: https://youtu.be/N95Pw9gXKb4

Yellow lab service dog sitting next to woman in wheel chair, me standing beside her and Tom lying down beside

It was a great little get away.