Hi and thanks for stopping by this blog.  It’s April 2016, this blog’s beginning, and is a result of my being on long term disability from my job as a dog behavior consultant, ie a bit of ‘what else to do because I’m running out of house projects.’  Disability has been a part of my life for a long time, just now is at a point where running the business and teaching, plus taking care of my own dogs, life, relationships and living with disability can’t sustainability happen in the ways that I have been able to in the past.  So work is coming off the burner for a while and I find new, more sustainable ways to occupy and enrich my time. (Alright, honest moment, I can’t seem to let myself not work 100% so my current “not working” includes caring for a small string of overnight dog guests and teaching agility private lessons when the weather is nice.  That seems enough currently to keep me on the side of happy and as health as I can be)

One of those ‘what else to do’ has been our household gaining 6 little magpie ducklings, which are amazing and adorable and like little puppies with so much less work!  They are so much fun already, so I’ll probably be talking about them.  A lot.  Because I’m already convinced that for the so many people who think they want a dog and get a dog but they just aren’t able to provide said dog with what a dog really needs to not develop behavior problems, (not enough exercise, not enough mental stimulation, not enough enrichment, not a well managed environment, etc, etc the list can go on) should think about getting some ducks instead.  Social, funny, trainable, snugglie, and like I said so much less work than a dog (also way cheaper).  And they can live about 10 years.  Plus they can provide breakfast in the form of delicious eggs.

And of course our 2 dogs.  Tom who is my guide dog from the Guide Dog Foundation in NY.  He’s known as “Mr Perfect” around here, and is a fantastic dog.  Tom spends much of his days trying to keep me out of trouble, or at least convince me to sit down.  And there is Zora our little cardigan welsh corgi, who is loads of fun.  She and I are just beginning her agility career (my agility career is now going on over 20 years.  I can do the, “When I started in agility, there was no AKC agility, and my dog had to jump 30″ in USDAA, and we had to drive 4+ hours one way to get to trials! and…” LOL) and hope to have fun practicing herding when the ducks are old enough.

My life over the past number of years has been enriched by a number of different dogs.  My breed of heart is the flat coated retriever.  Currently our home is flat coat less, with Niche (the dog in the header photo) having passed away a few years ago, but some day who knows how far in the future I hope we will share our lives with another flattie.  For now 2 dogs is the perfect number in our lives, and Tom and Zora I find myself saying frequently, are really 2 of the best house dogs I’ve ever had privilege of living with.  My husband knows though my eventual ‘old lady dog’ will be a field spaniel, a brown one, named Fredrick.



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