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By Tom

Doesn’t he know he’s in my spot? The guy human who lives with us. Doesn’t he know? Why is he still home!? And still in my spot?!

I tried to shove him out. I tried to sit on him. I tried to make him jump out of bed with my cold wet nose to his back. Nothing worked! Mum told me I wasn’t allowed to kick him out of bed. Not allowed?! But it’s MY spot. It’s after 8am, he should be out of my spot and gone to wherever he goes most days.

I let him keep my spot warm all night. Then he’s supposed to remember it’s mine and get up so I can snuggle next to my mum in our big bed with the warm cozy blankets and my pillow.

5 days a week that’s the way it works! Mum said he’s home on vacation and it really isn’t my spot. I just happen to borrow it when he goes to work every weekday. And the guy human is wonderful and loving enough to put up with a pillow covered in my fur.

Harrumph. I beg to differ. My spot! My pillow! My snuggle time!

Woe is me now stuck on this tiny little dog bed that apparently The Pest now gets rights to as well!! Is no spot sacred anymore!?

Black retriever and a black and white corgi lieon a dog bed together