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Kitchen chair in center of a room with blue rug, black and white dog face close up on side of image


1 kitchen chair

1 bored corgi in need of entertainment

Handful of dog kibble or small treats

1 tired human

1 comfortable sitting place for tired human preferably warm and with cozy blankets

Goal: entertain corgi in silliness and fun with minimal energy out put from human

Black and white corgi walking under the chair


Place kitchen chair in middle of room

Place dish of dog treats on table next to couch

Human sits on couch in a warm blanket

Mark and reward corgi with a tossed treat for doing interesting things primarily surrounding chair and quietly. Also intermittently toss treat to the silent black dog lying peacefully next to human on couch.

Black and white corgi walking under chair away from camera


Wagging tail silent corgi moving in general figure 8 type pattern through and around legs and rungs of chair ending in a down with corgi head resting on rungs of chair while human remains comfortably snuggled in blanket on couch and black dog remains peacefully chill beside said human.

Black and white corgi walking out from under chair towards camera

Conclusion: adorable happiness for all.

Black and white corgi lying under chair with her head resting on the rung, tail a wagging blur